Our Softwares


This is a soft ware where in environmental indices and their associated health impacts are compared by correlating available clinical data on occupational diseases. Weightings are ascribed to each parameter. The GPEQI auto-calculates the Environmental Quality Index (EQI) for the areas under study. 

2. GPeng

GPeng is one software to calculate thermodynamic properties of chemicals, mixture of chemicals, high energetic materials and pyrotechnics. GPeng is based on such facts as: (a) physical and chemical properties of an energetic material, (b) its atomic composition, (c) enthalpy of formation, (d) entropy of chemicals, (e) molecular reaction dynamics, (f) the mathematical model of an ideal detonation, (g) the principle of extreme of characteristic functions delineated by Gibbs, and (h) thermodynamic equations of state for the real gasses (reaction products. In its present form GPeng is able to determine 18 different thermodynamic parameters.