The Intellectual Capital

The Team Leader


GAYATRI; a Computer Science and Information Technologist from Bhubaneswar; is a developer of software and fuzzy-logic. She has developed a software that can be used to  determine the Thermodynamics and Thermo-chemical properties of chemicals and chemical mixtures as well as high energy materials with high level of precision. Theoretical results obtained from her developed software are matching very precisely with the values otherwise obtained with the help of sophisticated and expensive instruments like automatic calorimeters which cost about Rs 50 Lakhs. 

Her interest areas include Software development and Fuzzy Logic.

Honorary Member - Passionate for Scientific Developments


Dr. MANOJ KUMAR PATEL; a “Gold Medallist Post Graduate” and “Ph D” in Chemistry from NIT Rourkela, India, backed with a Management Degree from XIM, Bhubaneswar, India; is a technologist in high energetic materials like commercial explosives and boosters. He has an experience of 34 years in the field of explosives and explosives chemistry. He has established Greenfield projects of ANFO manufacturing facilities of 50000 MT per annum, Bulk Explosives manufacturing facilities of 50000 MT and SMO manufacturing facilities of 25000 MT per annum. He has been acknowledged as a go-getter and perfectionist by a leading Mining Sector and Ultra Mega Power Plant in India. He is a “PESO certified Competent Person” in India and thus is legally eligible to head and handle any explosives manufacturing facilities. 

His interest areas include, Designing Formulations for Bulk and Cartridges Explosives on strata specific basis with special references to Energy Assessment, Process Safety Audits, Quality and Safety System Developments through Integrated Management Systems, and Safety System Developments in Explosives Manufacturing.